Aligarh Kachori Seller Makes 60 lakh Annually Is Scanned Under Income Tax Department

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Ever visited Aligarh? then, you must have heard of the most famous Kachoriwala. “Mukesh Kachori” located near Seema Cinema is a favorite among the local chaps. Mukesh sells samosas and kachoris in the morning continue throughout the day. Though, Kachori seller makes 60 lakh.

Kachori Seller Makes 60 Lakh:-

Kachori Seller Makes 60 Lakh
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All was well until someone lodged a complaint against him, regarding the income he gained. Eventually, this complaint attracted the focus of the Tax Department. Without Mukesh’s knowledge, a team of tax officials was sitting on the other shop observing the sales of the Mukesh’s shop all day. They soon realized this Kachori seller makes β‚Ή60 Lakh to β‚Ή1 Crore.

Tax Department In Action:-

A notice has been issued to Mukesh regarding his failure to abide by the rules. He has not issued his shop under GST and was not paying any taxes.Β 

I am not sure of all this. I have been running my shop for the past 12 years and no ever told me that these formalities are needed. We are simple people who sell ‘kachoris’ and ‘samosas’ for a living.

Thus, a member of theΒ State Intelligence Bureau who is investigating the case has mentioned that Mukesh was open to investigation. Mukesh, the owner, and Kachori seller readily gave all the details of his income and expenditure, including raw materials, LPG cylinders, etc.

It was mandatory to pay taxes with a turnover of 40 Lakhs or more getting registered under GST. In addition to this, a 5 percent tax is also applied to prepared food. The SBI official said that Mukesh has to pay tax for one year.

As soon as the news gained attention. People on Twitter are shocked as we are.

However, a number of cases have been observed where people want to free themselves from tax. Such incidents also aware us about the rules and regulations that we avoid consciously or unconsciously.

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