TikTok-Blessing or curse – Watch Hot videos inside 5/5 (2)


TikTok is an application that is China-based and growing very fast and famous in India. It merged with the in the recent times. It provides features of creating and sharing videos, most of them are funny and Ahem ‘Se*y’

Reason to become famous in India

In India, most of the population is always searching for fun and to pass time. It is our sad reality. It is in India where Priya Prakash Varrier went viral with a wink.

Some say, the content that is going on the TikTok is not productive. But, it is very eye-catching and grabbing eye-balls. This is the main reason behind the fame of TikTok.

Productive part of TikTok

Can anyone imagine how much amount of traffic handled by this application? Millions of videos always uploaded, downloaded and viewed, every day. Everything so carefully arranged. We rarely see any complaints about the errors or problem in TikTok. But, not only that, we should think about how this application manages huge amounts of data in its database.

Machine learning, and face detection technologies so amazingly built in this App. Additionally, they are giving a lot of filters, lip sync, and other interesting things. But, as a user or programmer, it blows our mind. Moreover, the App is doing a great job in the video world.

Recent Update

Madras high court asked the government of India to ban TikTok due to its debatable content sighting obscenity. After some time, it was removed from Appstore and Goggle Playstore. But, after the ban, TikTok deleted over 6 million objectionable videos. Now the ban is lifted and once again it is ready to download and use.
In Conclusion,

There are two sides of TikTok and yes, the content provided on TikTok is debatable.

So, choose the right side of this application wisely.


Article by –

Vinit Vaibhav, Malout Punjab


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