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Psychological impact of flawed Education system on students’ psyche. 4.83/5 (6)


Indian education system has evolved from a time where social and cultural knowledge was imparted through Gurukul system to an approach of commodification of education in all sorts of ways such as e-learning, personality development courses and special training for English speaking skills which also psychologically explains how we perceive English as a form of westernization and a major source of our ranking in society, as it is socially interpreted to be more influential. The flaws in the system such as rote learning, highly competitive educational settings, withdrawal from sports related activities and constantly told to commit to the curriculum as framed by CBSE/ICSE, indeed a testimony to the idiom, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

The pressure a child experiences from parents and relatives has huge impact on the mental health of these students. Who are trying and struggling as they cope with all sorts of issues in this adolescent age. The studies of an Indian student further overlapped by a life of low self-esteem, examination anxiety, poor self-concept, introversion, lack of positive intra-personal communication, and low self-confidence. It’s as if we mask our true identity. Where we push away all the interests we are passionate about such as music, acting, cooking, writing, etc. To pursue something which is socially acceptable and not deviant from our community’s norms.

Marginalization by Education system

Moreover, Indian Education system continues to marginalize students with disabilities and mental disorders such as Autism and ADHD. The current most concrete example would be Narendra Modi’s comment against Rahul Gandhi. In which he used autism as an insult to tag him as less intellectual.  This showcases the apathy of people towards children who actually have this mental disability and neglect of their struggle as they get accustomed to these remarks which are rationalized by the society as their fate.

The current circumstances clearly point out higher dropouts, and lack of ability to tackle problems confidently as children live their lives with constant self-doubt. And further grow up to become adults, who have to bear the brunt of a pretentious educational system; which only focuses on rat race, mainstream jobs. And talks about nothing related to what the heart wants or what one desires for. This has resulted in stress problems, eating disorders, depression, heightened anxiety disorders. And also accompanied by continuous stigma attached to consulting a psychologist/therapist. Which makes it far more difficult to actually realize that one does need help.

What we should do at this critical point of time is to engage in constructive discussions on self-love, positive self-esteem. By focusing on the actual interests of a student and further motivating their creativity. This can only be through a change in the attitude and perception of both teachers as well as the parents. So they adapt to different fields and be acceptable towards their child’s mental health. In order to assist them to become fully functioning person with the talent and support to enhance their potentials.

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Anushka Arora, New Delhi

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