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VacuumChallenge Internet is the playground of weird and nonsense trending stuff.. you get the point. People do random stuff that, if lucky, can make it to the top of our social media feeds, people perform crazy tasks that eventually becomes a chain of people performing the same for fun and also tweets, likes and loves, hence, making it a trending topic.

The most recent of the nonsense trends and also a very dangerous act is being famous as the # VacuumChallenge. The first thing that came up in my mind, when hearing this trend is, ‘airless’ And it actually is.

This is how this trend goes: The person goes inside a trash bag and the air is sucked out of the bag making the bag stick to the body. Now, I haven’t tried or ever will try this challenge, but seeing peoples face who perform this challenge seem to enjoy it, I don’t know if it is something natural or for the audience.

Check kids, adults and others performing this challenge:

Dangerous trends like these are not new here. Take Kiki challenge, for instance, it has been offended by the law after some serious threats. It could be that the law offends this as they are not safe to be performed.

In conclusion, do you think people are bonkers? Also, would you do take up this challenge? What would you say to the person when you see them do it? Stop or will you watch with curiosity. Are netizens over doing it?

Please do write your comments below to let us know if you found this weird or interesting.

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