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Varanasi : Marriage Of Cousin Sisters – Sisters? Is this LEGAL in India? 4.86/5 (7)


This Marriage is a bold step against the society

2 girls resident of Rohaniya, clinched God’s shack  by reaching a Shiva temple on Wednesday. Asked the priest to perform their marriage. But the priest refused claiming it as sin. But the sisters kept sitting inside the temple till he relented.

By taking a huge bold step. 2 cousin sisters got married to each other in Uttar Pradesh.  Consequently against the wishes of their families. The girls without any hesitation took the social media platform to showcase their marriage to the society. They posted a photograph of their marriage on their accounts.

Considering Varanasi one of the most holy place in India rather all over the world. This news went like a shock wave all over the holy city.

This is probably the 1st time same sex marriage that too between the cousins has ever held in Varanasi. Above all the recidents are really shocked and resistant to accept this marriage. Which is the biggest sin committed in this city as per them.

On Wednesday when the girls decided to get married in the Shiva temple. It was so random that they were just casually dressed up in jeans and T-shirt. Wore a red chunni and got married. Till the time the marriage was completely performed, A huge crowd rather mob was already standing around the temple.

The girls left before any unexpected incident could take place.

Later on as the girls were at large. Some people even criticized the priest for solemnizing their unusual marriage. The priest later told some reporters that one of the girls was from Kanpur and was staying with her cousin in Varanasi to pursue studies.

This marriage has left the citizens in a huge shock. Hence right now they have nothing to comment rather than criticizing the girls and their family.

Time is changing so should we

World being so progressive and so is India. But certainly the mentality of the people/ residents are not. Let people be and try not to interfere in the lives of others. An adult has all right to live the life they wish within the laws. Hence when the laws become suffocating we resist. Time is changing and so should we. Try to accept people and situations, no one knows what’s the future even in your surrounding.

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