Tamil Nadu Woman Finds her Missing Husband In A TikTok Video

Reunited Through TikTok
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Tamil Nadu woman, Jayapradha from Villupuram filed a report for her missing husband, Suresh. However, the couple gets reunited when she spots him in a TikTok video. Three years later woman finds her missing husband, all thanks to TikTok app.

Amidst all the criticism that the app has faced and is continued to hear so. For TikTok this might be a huge accomplishment and a moment of honor. TikTok proved to be an aid for the police.

Woman Finds Her Missing Husband:-

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Police says, Suresh lived in Krishnagiri and is a family man having two kids and a wife. One day, he left his house in 2016. When attempts to finding her husband proved to be futile. She decided to lodge a complaint but nothing happened after till recently. A few weeks back, a relative of Jayapradha, happen to watch TikTok and noticed a man resembling Suresh. When Jayapradha confirmed he was Suresh. The police came in action and tracked down Suresh in Hosur.

Woman Finds Her Missing Husband On TikTok.
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Suresh told the police, he left because of the ongoing developments about which he was not happy about. He moved to Hosur and worked as a mechanic in a tractor company. Though Suresh confirmed that he was in a relationship with a trans woman that was seen in the video. The officer said,

The trans woman was in the video and we traced them down with the help of the transgender community in Villupuram. We have counseled Jayapradha and Suresh, and have sent back home.


Eventually, the couple was sent home after being counseled. TikTok app saved a family from being scattered and damaged. It’s the very same app that was blamed by several political leaders and activists and faced huge hatred from the general public after certain events. The same app has helped to identify a man.

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