Vivek Oberoi has lost it. Shameless Tweet. People slam him for it 4.5/5 (2)

vivek oberoi

Vivek Oberoi must have realized his grave mistake by now. His tweeted back fired.

Read some of the comments below from people.

Honestly, this what we mean when we say men are trash. Imagine being so mediocre and trying to make fun of a woman whom you could never ever match up to.
Would have gone unnoticed or considered a brilliant meme if someone else had posted it. Celebrities do need to take extra measures and ensure that they post things which doesn’t hurt anyone

Cheap joke. In very bad taste Vivek, especially dragging a child in to this

Who ever named you “Vivek”, was that person in Sarcastic mood while naming you

At least this man should have thought 10,000 times before dragging a minor into it.

Opinion:-Headless Hero Exit Poll:-Shameless Person Result:-Washerman’s Donkey

Vivek bhai avoid footpaths today. If you see SUV coming towards you, run

Salman should teach this Vivek Oberoi a good lesson… shameless bjpian

That’s quite in bad taste… Show some respect for women

Someone is stuck with his past even after getting married to millionaire’s Daughter.

Although I hate that he’s trying to build his career on propaganda movie, i don’t think he actually meant to insult anyone. I think he’s just a genuinely STUPID person.

He had improved as an actor. He is still in character

Ridiculous of you sharing it. Aishwarya is someone’s daughter, wife, mother. May be that’s the reason, she separated her ways with you. Respect her.

It took 17 years for India to know the real character of this shameless man but salman realised it back wonder he boycotted him ever since! Yuck! A Bhakt after all will have all the characteristics of chowkidar! Not at all surprised!!

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