Will you be casual again?

Casual sex

Sex appeal is undoubtedly wonderful, warm and healthy feeling provided you get between the right man and the right woman. For some, hookups and one night stands can lead to confidence but to the majors, it can cause psychological distress. Although, not all who encounters hookups have the same potential to harm or benefit the well-being and not all people are equally susceptible to that potential.

Researchers shows that man regret the sexual opportunities they missed and women regret some of the casual sex they did have. A recent psychological study done by Norwegian University inscribes that women worries and regrets moderately more than men do after one night stands.

People who hook up are more likely to cheat and tends to make lower quality and unstable romantic relationships. They constantly remain dishonest with their partners. It’s Addictive! After multiplenight stands, there cmes a moment when you finally queation to yourself ‘What Next?’, you become numb and after a while you just want to settle. It’s ONE OF THE WORST KIND OF DEPRESSIONS where you feel lonely specially when you’re inscure, emotional and vulnerable person. Hookups can make you feel weak and shitty. It can harm your self esteem.

Then, why go through all the pain of facing your demons just to inherit someone else for quick pleasure? Whosoever is reading this, always remember one of the great saying that the real nature of evil is always so very casual.



“If we fully understood the power of sexual energy we would refrain from casual sex. Sex is sacred and to be shared with authentic purity of both partners. Sexual energy is intense and can heal the universe through the vibration when two people join together and share their souls together. DNA is exchanged during sex. You imprint yourself on another. Mindful sex is important.”




Intimacy is an exchnage of the soul. Making out is something you should do with the one you connect thoroughly and care about. It is something you should share it wih somone you have true feelings for. The wait to find ‘the one’ is worth it. The reason I say it because I feel even if the sex is not great sometimes, you both can feel the sadness at least together and not like the hookups. Haha!

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