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Beads Of Every Women ‘s Life – Story of nearly every Girl in India 5/5 (6)


Every woman has a same story with relatable plots and connecting events. We all as ladies has somewhat same story to narrate and tell the world. Women is a term used to define an adult girl. But her  journey starts right from her birth.

A girl is born in a family either tagged as a well-wisher of god or a sin that the family has to bear. Right after birth the family starts planning about her marriage and the money they have to collect for the dowry. This is the story of nearly every girl in India.

As now these days we all are fighting for women’s right. Most of the females are sent to schools and are allowed to study if they belong to a wealthy family. They study well, sincerely and reach the level where only the boys used to be earlier. After reaching this extent beyond the expectations of the family.

The girl rather woman tries to glorify herself with no speed brakes and full of desires. But beyond so much of appreciation her dreams still hides behind the walls of marriage and family. No matter what how successful a woman becomes she gets a continuous thrust from the family and the society to get married and start a family.

Women face the same things no matter how modernise we become

And what happens after that is the biggest jerk in every girl’s life. They get new responsibilities, new relationships, new house and new environment. In which she has to adjust all with her work managing it with family and relationships.  No one let her take some break she is still that girl only who was sometime earlier an university topper or a superb best employ of the year.

What happened so suddenly, She too had dreams to progress in her life. And to those who say dedication is everything one can prove herself the best by managing both home and job. So, think before quoting statements it’s really easy to say life is not that simple and how can you put so much of mental, physical, and social pressure on women. Who are said to be timid, delicate and decent.

While pointing out the characteristics for our would be wife we never say that she should be a super women and a time maker. She has to be strong enough to balance the weight of all the forces put like a crown over her head.

Every Woman Has The Same Life

What happens next is also very common women are told to start her own family. Raise a kid without thinking about her opinions and preferences and main focus of life right now. They might be on the peak of their career when they usually conceive and nature should also be made responsible for it. It made us so, it already discriminated between the two genders by differentiating us on so many basis. Being pregnant happily waiting for the baby but at the same time happily sacrificing the job for it.

The time we invested in our own development and studying, The way we worked to reach at some level all goes down even just after having some months off the job. Above all the new responsibility we get though the most beautiful one. But were we ready for it no one thought and never even tried to ask.

This is the life of women. This is how we live and the trend goes on no matter how rich we are. How progressive thoughts be. Somewhere near this only we land. Leaving ourselves behind.

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