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Study Says, Cigarette Butts Are Harmful Than The Plastic Straws

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Cigarette Butts Are Harmful:

Every other day we are moving towards a dark hole which is sucking our lives everyday. While we think to save our Mother Earth by scratching our heads and smoking. According to a study, Cigarette butts are the most harmful thing than Plastic straws and also, world’s most littered item. Smoking Cigarette while feeling pressure or just doing it as a normal activity will not only affect your body. But now, it will harm the environment as a whole.


Your one habit might be contributing to the end of human race. It also does no good to the planet. Ever since, we know plastic has proved to be a threat and has certainly got a company which is new to us.

We knew, cigarette butts were a threat to oceans. But somehow, it is devastating while making its way to the soil and vegetation.

Cigarette Butts are polluting the environment.
source: Global News

Cigarette Butts Are Causing Devastating Effects:-

A new study by Angila Ruskin University reveals a much bigger threat which is surrounding our Mother Earth. The study states that the discarded cigarette in soil reduces 27% of germination success while grass germination loses at 10%. The study also confirms that every year, 4.5 million cigarettes are discarded, making them the leading cause of pollution.

The reason why this happens is because cigarette butts contain a filter which comprises of cellulose acetate fiber-a bio plastic toxic for soil. Hence, the damaging material is found in the filter itself. 

Cigarette Butts reducing the soil fertility.

Even it is injurious to health it must be dropped. The study journal was  published in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. It revealed that an average of 128 discarded cigarette butts were found after 1 square feet around the Cambridge city alone. 

Dr. Danielle Green said, I quote

“Despite being a common sight littering streets and parks worldwide, our study is the first to show the impact of cigarette butts on planet.”

She also added, “Cigarette filters take years, if not decades, to naturally breakdown.”

Let’s do our part and make Earth a better place to live.

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