Yoga Day: India is all set to mark Internationally. Read How?

Yoga Day

Yoga Day: In a bid make people come out of their indolent lifestyle, the nation is all set to mark an important day. Yoga offers numerous rewards that not only improves our health but gives us a piece of mind. It is the best way to come out of our insipid lifestyle and is suitable for all ages.

As well known, the world will celebrate its 5th International day of Yoga on 21st June 2019. The day marked its inception in 2015 when UNGA unanimously declared 21st June as international Yoga day. But, it was the Indian Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had suggested the date in his UN address in 2014. This was in regards to the fact that 21st June is the longest day in the Northen Hemisphere.

Also, like previous years, approximately millions of people in over 200 countries will participate in the IDY this year. IDY is one of the greatest movement in India. It aimed towards improvement of  public health. The thrust of the IDY observation is on harmonious mass yoga demonstrations on 21st June 2019. Community-driven IDY events are taking place in thousands of venues and virtually every neighbourhood across the country on that day.

Moreover, Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will lead the the celebrations in Ranchi. The programme will begin at 6am and will  continue till 8am. The Ministry of Ayush, which established for optimal development and propagation of AYUSH systems of health care has encouraged people to join the movement.  Also, It sent  pre invites and emails to people and will also be organizing small and big events.

So, practice your routine and make sure you get that Surya Namaskar right.

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