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West Bengal Political Violence Escalated: 3 Shot Dead

3 Shot Dead : Political Violience Escalated in West Bengal

West Bengal Political Violence Escalated: 3 Shot Dead

Four people shot dead amidst violent protests. Three from the ruling party of India and one from the ruling party of West Bangal. At least 18 others, wounded in the clashes.

The state of West Bengal has been volatile since the 2019 Lok sabha Elections. With a number of riots and clashes all over the state. The Clashes broke out over the hoisting of the BJP flags. Hanging of the posters, said Sayantan Basu, the BJP general secretary in the state.

An Unidentified police official informed AFP Agency, “Three of the dead were BJP workers while the other was a Trinamool party supporter,”

West Bengal Political Violence Escalated: 3 Shot Dead:

“They tried to throw away our party flags and posters, when we protested, our workers shot from point-blank range,” Basu informed to the Press Trust Of India News Agency.

On the other hand, from the Trinamool Congress, Minister Jyotipriyo Mullick said that one of the party supporters, “hacked and shot dead by BJP workers”.

“When he was on his way to attend a party meeting, hacked at first. When he managed to free himself, he was shot dead,” Mullick told reporters in Sandeshkhali.

Bengal has always been a volcanic state in terms of disputes between rival parties. Last month, a BJP supporter, shot dead in the capital city Kolkata and a car of a Trinamool Member, pelted with rocks.

Bengal is very sensitive right now. People are worried where the state is going towards. Hope sanity prevails.


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