Young generation is losing interest in sex: Find out Why

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Granted anything connected to sex is sure to increase our interest, the younger generation, however, is in no rush to have sex. Unexpectedly, the millennials are waiting longer to have sex for the first time, suggests a new study.

The Education Department of University College London studied 16,000 individuals born between 1989-90 (the millennial generation sample). The participants were studied from the age of 14 years when they got to know about sex and things relevant to it like masturbation, virginity etc.


The scholars questioned the subjects in 2016 and stumbled upon a surprising conclusion. The study was led under the “Next Steps project” which began in 2004 and monitored attending school students all over England.

After analyzing data collected from interviewing 16,000 millennials, they made an astonishing discovery. The number of young people ‘waiting longer to have sex’ has increased in comparison to the before generation. Also, they found that 1 in twenty people were virgins till the age of 26.


No to Sex?

Concluding that the younger generation is losing interest in sex due to the ‘fear of intimacy’ and the constant pressure they face in social media. The ‘social media pressure’ was due to the fear of public exposure, the young people faced in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

They also found that the probabilities of finding a sexual partner reduced with age. Around 90% of the people who lost their virginity, only had sex for the first time before they turned 19.


In conclusion, the younger generation has grown-up in an atmosphere of hypersexuality. They have easy access to porn, movies and social media. Where they see unbelievable male models with great stamina or women with beautiful bodies. But since they are insecure, and the fear of humiliation or rejection because of their bodies. When they compare it with what they see in porn videos. This can be a major reason behind their disinterest in sex.

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