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This powerful Zain’s 2018 Ramadan Commercial is breaking all barriers

Ramadan, Drown boy, refugee, palestine
Heartfelt boy drowning

Wish you all a Ramadan Kareem!

Every time as we turn on the TV we see suffering, violence and injustice inflicted upon one another in our own planet. Sometimes we wonder what can we do and we remain silent. But sometimes we speak out and that brings about action and a change in someone’s life.

However, the way we act and what we say is surely guided by our feelings, prejudices and thoughts of our own state of mind. Our state of mind is verily the one area in this entire world that we all have the reach and influence over. So we must act and take responsibility for our thoughts and resulting actions. Only by “being the change” as Gandhi said we can bring love, peace and wisdom to the world around us.

Watch this Ramadan commercial which is so powerful that features world leaders including Donald Trump. It’s going viral with it’s important message!!

We don’t have to understand the words to feel it!

Watch Ramadan Video:

Let there be Peace!

Ramada, peace, love
Inner Peace


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