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This man needs a sick leave! Can’t come to office says Kalki Avatar claimant


Speaking of leave excuses at office, this beautiful Gujarat man, a superintending engineer Rameshchandra Fefar found an innovative way after he over slept one day and woke up to realize that he is the 10th Avatar – Kalki of Vishnu. He immediately decided he is too good for this Day-to-day life and will leave it to lesser mortals.

“I can either kill time at my office or be at home to meditate so that I can prevent droughts in India?” Fefar asks in his reply to the show-cause notice issued to him by the commission of the Sardar Sarovar Rehabilitation and Resettlement Agency which asked for his explanation for his unauthorized leave.

“I am meditating in the otherworldly state. This work I cannot do sitting in the office and do time pass. Thus I don’t remain physically present in the office”

‘Because of my ongoing penance, India is getting good rainfall for the last 19 years’he claims.

Listen to Mr Fefar or Mr. Lord Fefar say ‘Similar to when everybody laughed at me during Mahabharata time, you people are doing the same because you fail to see the God in me’.

Watch Kalki Claimant give interview:


It is interesting to know that in April 2017, His wife had registered a complain against him with the mahila police station in Rajkot alleging mental harassment. She complained that he called her and her son ‘monsters’. Fefar was earlier posted in Rajkot in the panchayat circle and was known to be frequently staying away from work.

Mr Fefar attended his Vadodara office for only 16 days during the last eight months.

Another Asaram Bapu in the making?

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