5 web series to watch that will revive your school and college memories.

5 web series

5 Web Series: Student life is the best life said by everyone. No matter, how many years have been passed. One never fails to recollect his memories of student. Although, we clearly agree it is nothing like one we have seen in Karan Johar’s movies. But it is full of heartbreaks, happiness, fights, false planning eventually leading to silly mistakes. This is phase of building school and college life memories.

Therefore, here are few Indian Web Series that will revive the old and undecayed school and college life memories:


A million of dreams are knitted tightly when one enters the periphery of Kota. Every year, lakhs of students get enrolled in various coaching centers to crack IIT. After all, JEE Mains is a hard nut to crack. Thus, there are more PGs than houses in Kota. To portray the plight of these students TVF company launched a new web series called Kota Factory. As the name suggest, is based on Kota’s uncanny ability to ‘churn out’ toppers.

Kota factory in a subtle way, highlights the mental and a physical pressure that a student experiences. To begin with, the competition between various promising coaching centers, the ultimate exhaustion of the student makes the content relatable. It is an emotional satire on the Indian education system. It is available on Youtube.

      2. ENGINEERING GIRLS by Timeliners :

This show perfectly highlights the struggle of college girl students entering in a field of engineering which is a domain of men. The starcast definitely brings forth the message through its rebellious nature.Thus, Girls fighting for their place not only for the placement but also for making their mark throughout their journey.It consist of 4 episodes. It is available on Youtube.

      3. COLLEGE ROMANCE by Timeliners :

Remember, the time when heartbeat skipped a beat when your crush passed  by? Especially, the canteen hustle bustle which was the ultimate ‘adda’ of every student. Nevertheless, this web series is a romantic comedy. However, it showcases the story of 3 friends – Karan , Trippy and Naira, who  tend to fall in a hilarious romantic relationship.Thus, The starcast of the series does justice to the scenario.

4. GIRLS HOSTEL by Girliyapa :

For once, imagine a night with 4 girls and that too for 4 years. This series perfectly sums up the daily life hassles girls sharing under same roof. The female center sketch of web series is set to being the countless memories of hostel life alive.

This female centered show is a kickass treat for your eyes. Source:

      5. THE REUNION by Zoom: 

In this world, where one is rushing every point of hour. Our friendships and most importantly our relationships that suffer the most. Technically, its not a college or school series but a reunion of school friends after many years opens the past gate. This web series will be an alarming call of what you might be missing.

The Reunion, deals with the everlasting friendships that face a hardtime.Source:


To summarize, these web series drop us hints regarding things we have experienced or remain unaware about. So, just live in the moment and make memories while living it. The old and undecayed school and college life memories are worth visiting.

Want to add a new web series related to college or student life. Tell us, in the comment section below.

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