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Reason behind Huawei Ban in the US – Inside Story

Huawei ban

Huawei Ban: Recently the US has banned Huawei from doing any kind of business with the company associated with the US. This can result in a huge loss to the company.

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Possible reasons for the ban: 

  1. Huawei espionage on Motorola: In 2007, FBI arrested an employee of Motorola with $30,000 with some of Motorola’s classified documents. The employee not only worked for Motorola but also for Lemco; a China-based company which worked with Motorola for 10 years. To know the trade secrets of Motorola.
  2. Huawei’s suspected of stealing Diamond glass technology: Akhan, a US-based semiconductor company blamed Huawei of stealing Miraj Diamond glass technology. This glass believed to be 6 times stronger than gorilla glass and 10 times stronger to scratches. A prototype sent to Huawei which returned in a damaged condition. It was alleged that Huawei attempted to know how that glass was made.
  3. Stealing router software code: Cisco System Inc. also accused Huawei of stealing their router software code in the early 2000s. But this issue resolved now.
  4. A robot’s arm: T-Mobile, a telecommunication US-based company accused Huawei of stealing technology, including part of a robot’s arm, from T-Mobile’s headquarters. T-Mobile said that employees of Huawei gained illicit access to a T-Mobile lab, stole parts of a smartphone testing robot called Tappy, and copied operating software and design details. Even though there was a Non-Disclosure Agreement between the company officials.
  5. Efforts to steal Apple’s Trade secrets: There are many reports showing that the Chinese-based company tried to steal Apple’s trade secrets.

From all these accusations when can conclude that Huawei ban by the US is justified. These practices if not acceptable when one company gives their whole time and efforts to invent new technology and on the other side Huawei tries to steal their ideas.

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