Got a Strict Mom? Then Read This.

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YOU WILL NOT BELIVE THIS! Especially not if you’re a teen. Moms nagging you to make your bed, shut down the computer and do the chores, clean your room, do your homework…aarrghhh! The endless list of the numerous times she makes you roll your eyes eventually resulting in you doing them reluctantly. But guess what?! Read on to know what the good news is!

UK researches from the Essex University claim that all the nagging is only for good. They claim that the teen girls who have a strict mom are likely to be more successful, supporting the widely believed fact about dads being more lenient to their daughters than the moms. And apparently if you have a pushy mom you’ve got more chances of getting good grades and going to college. Now that speaks volumes about how you’re going to dodge all those low-pay jobs and get efficiently settled.

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Now let’s look at it from a teen’s perspective, which is only fair. When most of the teens want to get on their own feet, and start thinking and doing independently, it’s definitely NOT going to come off well when they’ve parents barking orders at them and telling them what to do. Uh oh, not cool. Not when you’re trying to act like an individual and live your own life!  Oh but like it or not, researches say that parents imposing restrictions on you are going to be a major influence in your life!

Let’s look at the brighter side of this, which basically happens to have aided this research. Many teen girls with a bossy mom have claimed to have credited the ability to focus better, to their strict moms.  During the research they also talked to the moms. One of them said that it was their duty to check on them and push them to be becoming better. Another said that it’s only when they repeat the same orders again and again that they actually take it seriously. Well, when this is actually working, we can’t really blame the moms, can we?

As a teen, you might not have ever understood why you had to make your bed when you were going to mess it up that same night. But here’s what the research says. Moms who get behind their daughters to do the chores also give rise to well-established up-shots. That shows that even the humdrum stuff that your mom asks you to do, set you up for something better in the future.

Therefore, now you know that that “you’ll realize my value soon” dialogue of your mom starts to make sense now. Probably sooner than it should. Ultimately, this test proves that kids who do their laundry, take out the trash, clean their rooms are better at working in a team. Why? Because they have learnt the importance of delegating work since their childhood. Hence they’re expected to slack-off easily.

As a child, you might’ve genuinely envied those friends of yours whose parents let them do whatever they want. And your parents, on the other hand, only went imposing restrictions on you. On everything you did and everywhere you went. Well, now you know it was all not as bas as it seemed!

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