6 Ways To Keep Yourself Hydrated To Survive The Scorching Summer.

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The imbalance of water levels in body causes dehydration. Summers are that time of year where one is prone to such imbalance. Dehydration happens due to the loss of water from the body. Although, surviving under such hot conditions, one needs to remain hydrated all the time. According to a research, 50% of children are deprived from the hydration sources. Though, adults also  contribute in the large state of deprivation of hydration levels. Summer is the most celebrated season on Earth network  but precautions should be taken to protect from the rising heat. The common symptoms of dehydration are dry mouth, thirst, headache and feeling lethargic.

However, to protect you from the ghost of dehydration. Here are 7 things you should keep in my mind.

Ways to keep yourself hydrated:

1. Drink more and worry less. ( not the other way round)

To keep hydrated one should drink plenty of fluid so that body’s water content remains constant. Drink energy drinks, juices, shakes to survive this hot environment. One should drink 16-20 ounces of fluid daily. And also, try to avoid high protein (sorry, gymmies) and alcoholic beverages that can have leave you dehydrated.

Juices that will keep you hydrated.
source: BusinessMirror

2. Never say no to fruits and Vegetables:

Reports say, one fill their bellies with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Since, they are a rich source for high water content and easy to digest. fruits like litchi, watermelon, muskmelon and  mangoes will be a treat for you body. Plan a balanced diet and follow it.  By planning proper balanced diet, you may get all the essential nutrients that your body craves for.

fruits and vegetables


3. Try to avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages:

Those who, are addicted to the consumption of coffee and alcohol should put their consumption to halt. Caffeine dehydrates you more because it can suck the moisture from the body which will make your body lethargic. Having more than 3 cups is not advised. If you cannot survive without caffeine, drink a bottle of water at regular intervals.

Coffee and Alcohol
source: Eat This, Not That!

4. Avoid contact with sun:

Avoid stepping out of the shelter when temperature is during its peak hours. The less contact you initiate, the more hydrated you remain. Peak hours, may refer from 11 AM-3 PM where the heat will make you burn as UV rays are harmful for the skin.

Temperature Touching its Peak
source: ST George news

5. Plan more for Indoor Activities:

To avoid stepping out in this scorching heat plan more of Indoor activities. Avoid walking when you are into your exercises. If necessary, walk on a treadmill instead. Even hitting at gym you should supply your body with water or any other energy drink. Pushing body beyond its limits which will lead to heat exhaustion. Don’t do that. You have stay cool, don’t be one.

Walking On A Treadmill
source: Scary Symptoms

6. Dress according to the climate:

One should always dress accordingly to the outside environment. In this scorching heat, opt for cotton clothes. It is advisable to wear light clothes during summer while wearing dark coloured clothes will absorb heat and will make you sweat. Sweating is the excretion of fluid from the body which will result in dehydration. Also, avoid wearing tight clothes. Do not forget to apply sunscreens .

Summer Clothes


Do you want to check if your skin is hydrated or not? Here, is an activity to examine your skin. If you are confused about your skin, Pinch Yourself. Dehydration pattern impacts your skin ability to change its shape. First, use your pointer finger and thumb, simply pinch your skin at the back of the hand. Hold it for a few seconds. Also, also don’t pinch so hard. Now, see if, skin takes a little longer to come back in its original position then you could be dehydrated.

So, be hydrated this season and don’t forget to bath regularly even if the water is boiling.

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