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Police beat Poor person like a Dog – Madhyapradesh Chhindwara district

police beat

Police beat this Poor person like a Dog in Madhyapradesh Chhindwara district


Kashyap Vyas
Senior citizen , Whistle blower Anti-corruption crusader
From Mumbai And Pune

Honorable Chief Justice
Supreme Court of India
New Delhi.

I am Appending herewith One Horrified incident took place at Madhya Pradesh . According to Facebook Posting by Large numbers of Alert citizens as under :-

Sending herewith one incident from Madhya Pradesh for immediate suo moto action Against Chhindwara district Police .

Place Madhyapradesh, India Chhindwara district.

Rest is what the inhuman behaviour you watching.

Even animal gets better treat than this.

Police are behaving like animal.

Police area civil servants they suppose to save the people not to
harm and kill people. These police officers should be prosecuted and severely punished kicked out of the police force for abuse of power.

There are more than 10 ppl watching. But nobody has the courage to unite and stop the man .

Why do people take video, why can’t they speak to officials and stop them from doing this. Poor fellow, may God bless him. May God bless the official with some humanity.

Police beat

Who ever want to deliver for benefit .It shouldn’t be done like this . I will never say it’s a police matter .Those in the name of police doing this horrific action shouldn’t be accepted . If same thing happen to your father or brother will it be accepted .

I really don’t know how someone could shot this video while someone (poor) got beaten upto unconscious. Apart from this policeman is not human being (while on duty he should be more than that) and victim he got beaten upto hell and not opposing to his actions at all describes that he already surrendered to police then why to beat even if he is accused/not accused and whatsoever. In one of comment I read probably it would be better to get shot. M not in favour ( but I clearly lost hope in Criminal Justice System of which I am part also)

Very sadÂ đŸ˜¢ I can’t believe this happen in India where we are need to find basic of humanity after watch this this type of police man or other human being embarrassed us always.

As long as affected people thinks it’s our fate or witnessed people thinks it’s their fate.. nothing going to change..
any way there will be a resurrection of the oppressed, there will not be any mercy on the cruel rulers and their supporters.. So, it’s the law of Mother Nature .

Police beat

The intolerable behavior is highly condemnable. The lean and thin person must have gone hungry for a long time and the two policemen are beating him black and blue. Even when he is fallen on the ground they are kicking and hammering him. The poor man puts up no resistance. Then they are dragging him to the jeep like a sack of sand, a man comes to help these two cruel to put him in the vehicle. This inhuman treatment not tolerated. So, this incident should be brought to the notice of the higher authorities and the two policemen should be punished or suspended.

For what reason the poor man beat so harshly police have no authority to beat a layman, during this lock-down police n medical staff were doing their best but if some devil possessed police persons r there in the dept. they should b terminated from service with immediate effect where is human-rights society use politicize issues, that cruel man should also b beaten like this then only they vl know the pain, may b the person vl b a beggar, mental retarded or due to hunger he may b on the roads, but police has no right to do this illegal act bcoz of one police person the whole department is blamed, in a democratic country like India no one as the right to beat a innocent person so brutally, so such police person with criminal background should b terminated immediately.

However, these policemen should have been given the same kind of punishment. They have beaten this poor fellow so badly which is beyond limits. So sad. In conclusion, shame on these policemen.

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