Being a Dhoni Lover, A Restaurant Owner In Bengal Offers Free Meals To Mahi Fans.

Shambu Bose provides free food for Dhoni fans.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is a man of worth and people have benefits for being his fan. Are you a Dhoni fan? Free food is not that far then. Yes, a die-heart fan offers free food to Dhoni fans.

Free Food For Dhoni Fans:-

‘Love is unconditional’ we all have learned. But the definition of love for this Restaurant owner has a different theory of love. A restaurant owner, Shambu Bose in West Bengal offers free food to all the MS Dhoni fans of his tribe. 

MS Dhoni is an Indian International cricketer, who has bought laurels to our country. Nothing can be compared to the way he plays his game. From being in the limelight by hitting a helicopter shot to guarding the fame of the nation as a wicket-keeper, he steals our heart in every way. A die-heart 32- year-old fan, Shambhu Bose, not only provides free food but has named his restaurant as ‘MS Dhoni hotel ‘.

Shambhu Bose’s- MS Dhoni Hotel

Shambhu’s Dhoni Love:-

“This Durga Puja, we will complete two years. Everyone here knows this place well and come to eat here. Ask anybody around the Dhoni hotel- there’s no way you can miss it”    – said by Shambhu.

Shambhu’s eatery might be small but has walls filled with MS Dhoni posters. One could easily witness the display of affection and love at the restaurant’s walls.

Free Food for Dhoni Fans

Being a realistic fan Shambhu says, I know my dream will never come true but if I get to meet him someday. I will request him to come to my humble eatery.”

This sweet gesture of Shambhu is beyond something we just call love. Its the ardent faith of fans like Shambhu, that keeps personalities like Dhoni to keep up the good work.

Shambhu further adds his love for Dhoni started, when he saw him hitting six. (We feel you buddy)

Dhoni hitting a six

People like Shambhu are hard to find and difficult to forget. For the next time, if you visit Alipurduar district of West Bengal you know where to hit for food. Don’t you?

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