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The 6-Year-Old YouTuber Bought A Home Worth Rs.55 Crore. Not Gonna Tell My Mom That

source: Metro

Thinking back to the time when you were 6. We couldn’t even think anything other than candies. At the age of 6 when we all were learning new words and their pronunciation. However, this 6-year-old has put us in shame for buying a new house worth Rs.55 crore. THAT’S INSANE.

6-Year-Old YouTuber Burma bought a house.
source: New York Daily News

Highest Paying Youtuber, Boram:-

A South-Korean girl, Boram is a YouTuber who reviews toys for a living. She just bought a new home in one of the posh areas in Seoul. This million-dollar girl has put the world to shock. Though the family of this 6-year-old has garnered enough money as Boram becomes YouTuber with many followers. The family operates two YouTube channels. The family has set to buy the house in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam in Seoul.

However, according to the YouTube analytics website Social Blade. The two channels featuring Boram- Boram Tube Toys Review and Boram Tube Vlog channel, hold the biggest share. The highest share in marketing profits among other Korean Youtube channels.

This cute little munchkin is all set to rule our hearts with her cuteness. Due to the increased popularity of Boram’s YouTube channels has gained worldwide recognition. Through the medium of Youtube, she has introduced a platform for the other kids who struggle to find their perfect toy. Reports confirm she has 13.6 million subscribers, while the Boram and her family is followed with 17.5 million subscribers.

Attracted Controversy:-

Besides all the fame she had earned through her YouTube channels. Several complaints have been registered against her videos where questioning about the ethical values was questioned. Various non-governmental organizations like Save the Children showcased their concern regarding Boram’s acts in the video. They were especially concerned about stage clips that showed Boram stealing money from her father’s wallet. Even in one of the videos, she was seen driving cars on the road.

Well, tell us what do you think about this million-dollar girl.

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