Animal Love

70024 a product to be consumed


They call him 70024 a product to be consumed. I see a soul which showed love and awareness. I pray for the souls, human or animal that are being butchered daily when there are other options.

The biggest trick is fully conscious immoral people convincing normal people that immorality is okay. This unbalances our own karma by unknowingly becoming an accomplice in the immoral act. It is something that just about every person will be tricked with at some point on some kind of level. But when you become aware of the immorality it does becomes a conscious choice to continue.
This is a process that one day we will pass through! Until then love to the victims. But also love to victimizers as they have more pain than the victims could ever carry.

We heal with love!

The choices a person makes are their own. Informed or otherwise.
To declare another living being as immoral without explanation based on your own subjection is wholly flawed as it’s blind to the realm of your own morality. My own diet (no meat or dairy for a long time) doesn’t lay moral order for the entire populous, only for myself.

The moral spheres we may or may not expand through individually are only worth the weight of their intellectual truth which is observed (or not).
There’s no trickery or ‘one day’ to pass through.. only a single truth, a single moment, within which we all experience our-self within the Self.
With respect

They are not just any Product


But we have a lot to learn and unlearn!

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