THIS is Why Arjun Kapoor Makes Fun of Katrina Kaif


Katrina Kaif considers Arjun Kapoor as her Rakhi – brother. Many people do not know this. Due to this he has the licence to pull her beautiful long legs whenever he wants to. The recent example of ribbing by sibling is Arjun’s comments on Katrina’s picture about looking as though she has dandruff in her hair.


Katrina with Arjun

Even though this relationship of teasing between these adoptive siblings has its casual side, there is this other less interesting side to Katrina’s sisterly love for Arjun. She has decided that she will not be ever paired with Arjun as a romantic hero-lead. No matter how strong the role is.

An internal source says, “The day Arjun was adopted by Miss Kaif as her rakhi-brother, fate was decided that they’d never be paired on screen together, no-matter how attractive the role, unless they play siblings in movies, which is doubtful. She has clearly said, she won’t romance her Bhaiyya in movies.”

Alas! Here is yet another Jodi that we will never see on screen together, just like how Kareena and Ranbir Kapoor. What as loss and miss!

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