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A Boy With No Dreams


Dreams makes us and we make dreams. It’s a vivid combination that completes each other. Dreams keeps us awake they show us the path. Without maps we can travel miles it’s the dream that guides. But this is a story about a boy with no dreams. His life was complete that he never felt like dreaming. It was the soft and comfortable mattress or the tender chills of the air-conditioner that comforted him so much that he never even tried to dream a bit.

People dream to achieve but when you get a platter all served right in front of you every morning. Why will your heart urge for more. Rather it decides to sleep with you sneaking around from the future. He was a spoilt brat of a billionaire father who lived his life in a castle. With every thing we desire and wish to have. All these expensive stuffs were nothing big for him. But having so much or everything always kept him away from the reality to achieve. The only thing he was deprived of was thrive, the hunger to get something achieve a goal.

His life went like this for more than 20 years that’s when a thunderstorm arrived. The boy with no dreams flunked in his final semester of his graduation. Looking around he found his friends got passed wearing a crown. And that was also not enough for him he was still living in the world made by his father. With no regrets he went home. But this he was told to leave the house and live on his own.

Life Mended The Dreams That The Boy Never Dream-pt

But the poor boy was still a kid from inside. With an innocent face he went to his friend’s side. His friend kept him for sometime. But the boy still had no dreams. He was clueless what to do. Imagine a kid growing in a family where a glass of water is also served in his hands. Now is thrown out by his own father to teach him a lesson and to wake him up. Because dreams are those which are seen with an open eyes. Not those that we see in our sleeps at night.

This boy struggled a lot and irritated his friend too. But the friend was loyal and always stood by his side. He use to threaten the boy to clean, work and dream. But at-least there was some satisfaction i have someone by my side. This life went on now the boy was travelling by the local trains filled with hundreds of people leaving behind his own personal car a sports model. Cooking on his own, was something he never even thought of doing, he became a expert in.

But above all what happened that boy discovered himself his passion and aim in life. He was a beautiful photographer. Any picture he ever clicked touched everyone’s heart. This was his passion his drams that nobody but the streets gave him. Because you dream to achieve and when you have everything why will you even dream. But that’s the point dreams can’;t be bought you have to see one of your own.

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