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A South African gentleman ate for free at KFC claiming himself as food taster.

KFC Brunch

We all have heard of misusing powers. But what about using the powers that one does not have? Some people use their powers to bring situation under control while some just use it to taste the pleasure at KFC.


Ate for free at KFC :

KFC also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American Food Restaurant that has gained  love all over the world. Reports confirm, that a 27 year old man was arrested claiming himself asthe food checker. This man being a pseudo ‘food taster’ ate for free for a year.

The news gained attention by a Kenyan journalist named Teddy Eugene on Twitter.

To begin with, this man used to tell the employees that he is a food checker appointed by the headquarters of Kentucky to check the quality of food.

Not only this, he would narrate the same story at different outlets to satisfy his pleasure. And this is how he managed to ate for free at KFC for a year. Everytime, he entered in different outlets his confidence boosted up. The unwavering confidence made the employees not to check his ID. Thus, irresponsibility prove to be a loophole in the management of the restaurant.

However, the identity is not revealed but he is a student of KwaZulu-Natal University of South Africa. While, the foolishness of KFC was on peak, Twitter regards him as the “Ultimate Legend” as he ate for free at KFC.

Thus, if the culprit had not been caught. He would have been the best disguised person one could ever think of.

Twitter calls him a LEGEND. (and so do we..)

This is how he would be welcomed in prison.

Reaction of everyone


Therefore, these are the things we do for love. Well, what do you think about this pleasure seeking sin? Tell us, in the comment section below.

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