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Early Results show massive victory for BJP in Elections 2019

bjp elections 2019
Bhartiya Janata party (BJP) take selfie pictures as they listen Prime Minister Narendra Modi speech during a rally in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh on March 28, 2019. - India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a campaign blitz on March 28 with three huge rallies where he declared voters would reward his decision to test new weapons and bomb Pakistan with a thumping election victory. (Photo by STR / AFP)

BJP Elections 2019 :Early results from the Indian Election Commission depicted massive victory of BJP. The most awaited results of 2019 were out post noon on 23rs May. BJP swept once again retain and showed it’s massive power in Indian elections 2019. Celebrations began all over India for such a massive victory of prime minister Narendra Modi. People all around India are distributing sweets and celebrating BJP’s victory.

BJP’s time in power has been strongly criticized by rising unemployment issues among the Indian mass, downfall in the agrarian sector and religious riots. However, it still managed to swipe off it’s rivals and secure 292 seats. An astounding Mandate by the People of India.

There are chances that BJP might become the second political party in the Indian history to retain it’s power even much stronger than the last time.

BJP-led NDA government is all set to become the only non-Congress government to return to power in the Indian history.

Never ever has anyone seen such a huge victory in Indian History of politics.

Amit Shah had earlier said ‘Abki Baar 300 paar’, meaning ‘This time around, will cross 300’ Surprisingly this was not just a calculated analysis. But, this was sheer work on number. Amit Shah is a Mathe-Magician. So, one can put all there analysis and find what just happened. But the truth remains, people have shown their confidence in this government and that can not be refuted.

The final results out of 542 Seats:

NDA: 353, UPA 90, OTHERS: 99

Where individual party seats are:

BJP: 292

Congress: 54

YSRC: 25

TMC: 22

DMK: 22

BSP+SP: 22

SS: 18

JDU: 15


The most surprising result was of YSRC Jagan Mohan Reddy party, who swept the election and no one saw it coming.

Also, Mamta Banerjee, suffered huge losses in her Bastion Bengal in the hands of BJP, after a prolonged ugly battle in the state.

In conclusion, what do you think? Also, do write in comments below. So, how happy you are with the results.




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