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If there’s any place you’d want to visit for a sight you could behold for a lifetime, it’s definitely the Land of the Rising Sun, yes, Japan! Surely, there are plenty of other countries you could pay a call on, for an equally magical experience. But the moment you are done reading this, Japan will rank #1 in your bucket list of countries you’d like to go to see.

Firstly, we cannot deny the factuality of Japan being one of the least populated countries with people of greatest diligence. How, you ask? Japan is a country most prone to and affected by natural calamities. It is an island with an intense scarcity of resources. But have any of these inhibitions ever been a reason to stop it from ranking as one of the World’s highly developed nations? Of course, NOT! Apart from the conscientious nature of people that’s impressive about this place, here are some physical stopovers you’d like to see in real when you visit Japan.

  • Japan’s sightful sites  : The site of Lake Akan

This crater lake witnesses frost flowers in full bloom until March. This rare phenomenon occurs only in the morning when the temperature is below -15° C (15° F) with no wind. This crystal beauty will prove as one of those mystical sights you will carry in your heart forever.

Lake Akan in Japan
Japan’s sightful sites of Lake Akan
  • Japan’s sightful sites : The Kurotaki Falls

A refreshing drive on the Chugoku Expressway will take you to fascinating phot-spots like this. In the middle of an idyllic agricultural area along the Mino River, you’ll find this magnificent 98.4ft wide and 13 ft high Kurataki Falls. 

  • Other sites  : Ginzan onsen

Immerse yourself in the amazing natural hot springs of Ginzan Onsen. In addition, you could enjoy an after-bath stroll along the Ginzan Rive lined with historic inns and old-fashioned gas street lamps. Above all, you’re sure to fall in love with the atmospheric townscape.

  • Japan’s sites  : Ice Star Resort

Zip up yourself in a nice warm jacket for a wonderful time at the Ice Star Resort Kiroro made entirely of snow and ice! This winter, you can enjoy ice skating at its all-new Ice Star Rink. Moreover, don’t forget to treat yourself with delicious cheese fondue and ice cocktails!

  • Japan’s sites  : Ashikaga Flower Park

It’s dazzling garden of illuminated flowers is truly worth seeing. Rated No. 1 at the Illumination Award for three years in a row, and recognized as one of the three biggest illuminations in Japan, this flower exhibition generally goes on until February.

  • Japan’s sightful sites  : Rokko Shidare Observatory

Most importantly, this award-winning observatory is a unique landmark of Kobe. Standing under this heavenly tree, you can enjoy the on-billion-dollar night view of Kobe, and capture beautiful moments of the Lights Scape in Rokko art illuminations.

Well in conclusion, these are honestly just a very few among the hundreds of hotspots of tourist attraction in Japan that I’d want to visit. In reality, there are many more of them that this article just can’t contain. However, these places you can stop by, when you go visit Japan, will promise you a breathtaking experience of a lifetime you’ll always cherish!

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