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Growing Nepotism in Profession – Transparency in the hiring process


Nepotism in Profession:

An employee is the most important asset in an organization. Good management of a company ensures all employees treated with dignity. However, there are barriers that avoid the situation from happening. One of them is nepotism. So what’s Nepotism? Let’s see.

What is Nepotism?

The practice of showing favouritism toward one’s family members of the family or close ones in economic or employment terms. For example, granting favours or jobs to friends and relatives, without getting an actual qualification, is a form of nepotism.

Why do people do this immoral act?

Nepotism helps in increasing the chances of job opportunities and promotions over similarly situated people in that workplace.

Disadvantages of Nepotism in Profession

There is no excusable argument as to why someone should get something in life strictly based on circumstances of birth or social, professional, and political connections. Look what nepotism has done in a political sense be it in India (Nehru-Gandhi family) or North Korea. It is the reason why family businesses crumble sooner than corporate. Or how Bollywood has become a pathetic shell of its former self, indulging in a massive circle-jerk by launching/promoting the sons and daughters of yesteryear’s actors, producers, directors etc, which affects the talented ones who are kept waiting for their turn.

One of the major setbacks in nepotism is that the emotional relations between people who are related may negatively affect their decision-making abilities and professional growth. You won’t know whether the family members or friends you hire are good enough or not. Even if they are not you will be forced to take them in, where the actual talents miss out the opportunity. Now, this may lead to instability in business or any company.

The bottom line is no matter how hard a candidate works or how well he is qualified, wherever there is nepotism, people will face problems and miss out opportunities. So there should be transparency in the hiring process.

5 simple ways to handle Nepotism:


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