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Stray Dogs Finds A New Born Baby Girl In The Drain Dumped By A Woman In Haryana.

Baby girl dumped in the drain by a woman in Kaithal district of Haryana.
source: Siasat

Baby Girl In The Drain:-

Million of girls or maybe thousands of them are dumped, raped and abandoned every hour. Every year a majority of them are left to die. This points us to an incident where stray dogs came to rescue a newborn baby wrapped in plastic. Eventually, like any other plastic bag, a baby girl in the drain was dumped by another human. Is this the world we’re living in?

This incident came to light from Kaithal district of Haryana state. Contrary to the tragic story it has a happy ending where the baby was saved by stray dogs.

A CCTV footage captured a woman dumping the baby and a few dogs barking all around asking for help.

Stray Dogs to the Rescue:-

According to the footage received by the police, the incident took place around 4 am on Saturday morning. Though the cameras captured a woman dumping the baby in the drain, which police doubts is the mother. Like a true killer, the woman quickly dumps the baby near the Dogra Gate in Kaithal. However, alerted by the sound of something being dumped, a few stray dogs start barking while one tries to pull the baby through canines.

Hearing the dogs barking at 4 am in the morning the bystanders noticed the baby and immediately called the police. However, the identity of the woman is not yet identified but it is being examined thoroughly. As soon as the woman will be identified. First, she will be charged by the sections of the Penal Code. Whatever might be the cause of abandoning this baby, the woman should be punished irrespective of the sad story she might tell.

As far as the heath of the baby is concerned, the Principal of Medical Officer of the hospital told media that the baby is alive but is serious. Hence, as soon as the health of the baby will be stable. The child would be handed over to NCPCR and then to an Orphanage for further process

Well, what do you think about this cruel act? But, share your views in the comment section below.

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