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The Amazon Story – Jeff Bezos the richest man Alive


Amazon: It was a revolution much awaited, until amazon stepped into the market as a service delivery firm.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of this gigantic internet retail sensation, in the early stages wanted to sell books online. As they were cheap and easily available. Later, expanded to the sell MP3 downloads, video games, electronics, apparels and what not.

At the start of the 1994, Jeff saw the boom in internet and its impact on the people all around the world. This 30-year-old entrepreneur had a far fetching vision, of which no one was aware of. As a startup selling just books, this company went on to become so huge, that ended up building a company, gaging a revenue of almost 61 Billion dollars. Amazon today sells almost everything that one can imagine and desired by humans.

Amazon, with an arrow starting from A and pointing to Z, symbolizes the phrase A to Z. And today amazon stands proud, representing its logo very well. In a span of a decade and little more, has not just took over the retail market but also a lot more over the tech and aeronautic market. But, with its Alexa products, it has changed the face of technology to a greater extent.

Standing bold and tall in the delivery sector, amazon hasn’t failed to mark its presence in providing the largest employment in the USA. Moreover, Amazon has been ranked as the largest employer in the United states of America. Jeff has been ranked as the richest man consecutively for 3 year now since 2017.

Now that’s a success story to aspire us. Isn’t it?
Article By- Shabbir Talwala, Indore

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