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Career – Carry your better self to the future- Advice to youngsters


Career – Ever wondered what will you be doing after your 10th or 12th??? Well… there is so much to learn!!
Confused? What to learn and find out what you are interested in?
Today we will try to clear most of your doubts.
See whatever you learn don’t just do it just for the sake of it. Learn what’s more important to you and do it yourself and have a better understanding of it. Be it about String theory or 1+1=2.

Students who are focused on their career or studies can take Arts, Science or Commerce. Those who want to purse engineering medical or pure science can take Science as their stream. Major population of this country chooses Science. But those who want to do something other than these three things, will have to work very hard. It won’t be the normal regular like the above three. You have to thrive for success.
Either you end up becoming a very famous successful person or nothing. Well no job is small or big. Every job or work is different and good from its own perspective. So, if you think you are going to do something that may embarrass you, Sir you are wrong. If you want to be a sweeper, very well you can, but sweep in a such a way that no one can sweep better than you. No matter whatever job you take, make sure you do what you like and have the right attitude.

Career options

Now for the students who are confused what do to after their intermediate or 12th, there are number of options available for you. I won’t write it down here, since you can find for yourself over the internet. I will just say, don’t get under the influence of your family and friends and choose a career or do which you didn’t want to do. Always try to take the road less traveled, you will find it useful. If at some point in time, you find yourself doing that which you were not supposed to do, just stop it right there and restart from beginning. It’s never too late. People will criticize you for whatever you do, anyways. Just ignore them as the background dancers in the album or movie.

Lastly, I just want to conclude that, whatever you do, do with full concentration and determination, you should have enough patience as you might not get everything every time especially in the 1st attempt. Try and try until you succeed. Without hard work achieving anything is impossible. But combination of smart and hard work will definitely get you success. All the best with your future!!!!

Article By- Saswat Behera, Bhubaneswar

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