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Are You A Renter Or Planning To Be? Here, Are 9 Things That You Must Know.

Being a renter you must know The Laws.
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If you are a renter or planning to be one. Here, are 10 things that you should be acquainted with. There are also laws to protect your privacy and rights from the homeowner who is always after you.

Follwing laws are important.

1. A Written Document For The Renter:-

When you rent a home, it is important to have a legal agreement which takes place between you and the house owner. Therefore, both the parties should sign the document to avoid any problems. In most of the cases, the homeowner keeps the original while the tenant can have the copy. Note, it is important to keep the copy of the agreement safely since it is a legal document. Through this document, no one can force you the rent if the figures are not present on the document. 

A written document is important for the renter and the owner.

2. Payment Of Security Deposit:-

As soon as the agreement will be signed an amount of security deposit will be given to the owner. The value will not be inclusive of the rent. Note, the amount of the security deposit cannot be more than 3 times. Therefore, as a renter, keep your eyes wide.

Security deposit is to b given by the renter to the owner.

3. Security Deposit Should Be Returned:-

Once the tenant, moves out of the house the landlord has to give back the security deposit amount. Well in some cases the security deposit is adjusted in the final month’s installment. While in other cases, it must be returned within a period of one month. There are also cases where the deposit is withheld.

Owner has to return the deposit to the renter.
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4. No More Self- Invitation:-

There are times when the owner self invites themselves inside the house or room. The excuses are endless but now it’s off the table. The landlord cannot just appear unnoticed. In case, he has to check the condition of the house or room, for repairs or fittings. The landlord needs to give a notice in writing almost 24 hours before the visit. So, the next time unnoticed appearances will not be entertained.

No entry for the owner without a notice.

5. Maintenance Is The Responsibility Of Both:-

Both the parties i.e the renter and the owner share the responsibility for the maintenance of the house. In case of a tenant, refuses to pay the maintenance the sum of money will be subtracted from the security deposit. Similarly, if the owner refuses to pay then the tenant can refuse to pay the rent for that period.

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6. Basic Necessities are a right:-

Basic necessities are the rights of the renter. Such as water, electricity, sanitation, communication, clean living conditions, and the list goes on. If such rights are restricted then the local authorities can intervene in the matter. Suspension of the services cannot be done even if rent is not paid.

Clean drinking water is essential.
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7. Cannot be evicted without a strong reason:-

The owner cannot force you to move out unless there should be a strong reason. A legal notice has to be given. In most cases, the notice period is between  15 days or 2 months.

An Eviction notice should be sent to to the renter.

8. No Force To Stay:-

As a tenant, you can decide to leave the house at any time once you have submitted the due notice.

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9. Structural Damage Comes Under the Landlord’s Responsibility:-

In case, due to large-scale damage, that tenant has no contribution in. The landlord has to bear the repairs all alone.

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So, these are some of the things you MUST know. Have something to add? Write to us in the comment section below.

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