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Happiness: The Sunshine And The Cure


Happiness a commonly used word in everyone’s life. This nine letter word is very simple to say but when the needle comes to it’s significance. We all know the reality.

Happiness is one of the most easy element of life to share. And it possesses non exhaustible and non rivalrous properties. One can give happiness as much as he can and it won’t reduce for any.

But even after being so, we hardly make people happy and above all we don’t even care for our own happiness. From picking up a pen to complimenting someone can make people happy. Cheerfulness doesn’t have any fixed degree. It occurs with any strike in anyone’s life.

The real Happiness

Even a small greet like good morning or good bye can play a really important role in someone’s life. Get a big large smile on their faces with sparkling eyes. And the effort that we put in for this is nothing. Sometimes people just want your small talks and attention and nothing big like gold and diamond. Still we lack behind in giving them happiness and putting a smile on their faces.

What does our grandparents want. They just want us to talk to them have some snacks and tea with them. Tell them about our day and nothing else they thrive for. Just spending our some time with them can make them extremely joyful and happy.

Presents are not the true symbol of joy it’s just a catalyst that will only increase the rate of reaction. But is not the real cause of happiness.

Many think by offering a present they can win everyone’s heart but think is it so. Do you feel happy when someone gives you time and affection or when they give you a toked covered in a paper.

Distribute happiness and be happy. If you are happy in your life then only you can spread happiness to others.

Have you heard of the saying Happiness is the best makeup. It’s true and very nicely quoted. A happy person has an internal and eternal beauty he never needs a layer on it’s face to make it glowing and attractive. They have their own sunshine spreading all around leaving the mark of contentment.

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