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Baby 4- year old girl is brutally assaulted by her Father – Watch Video


A 4 year old baby girl was beaten up by her father badly in the city of Patna, India.

Reason: The father wanted to get back at his wife for leaving him. He wife left him along with two other children. But, couldn’t take her third child unfortunately.

The father used to drink heavily. He also used to beat the wife regularly, that is when she decided to run away from him.

Watch this monster of a father beating his own child for no reason.

The father wanting to get back at his wife, took videos of him abusing the daughter and sent it to her. The poor mother posted this on Facebook and helped by well-wishers. But the girl child now rescued.

Out heart goes out to the baby girl for having to go through this in her life so early. We can only wish to be in a better world, where kids are not harmed.

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