World’s Heavy Child Loses 70 Kgs. See to believe


Ten-year-old heavy Arya Permana from Karawang, Indonesia made news when he won ‘World’s fattest boy’ title. Back then he was only ten and about 190 kg.

He had a tough life and had to spent days lying down as he couldn’t walk or study. Diagnosed with morbidly obese, last April, Arya went through a life changing surgery. For about five-hour long surgery, he was the world’s youngest person to do so. Life-saving surgery removed a large portion of his stomach.

Before this surgery, it was difficult for him to play like other ten year old. Indonesian World Records Museum gave him the title for being the world’s heaviest boy.


He used to have five meals a day and now just five spoonful and no soft drinks. His parents Rokayah Soemantri and Ade knew that their son needed a surgery.

Arya lost 31kgs but the doctors at the Omni Jakarta Hospital want him to lose 100kgs or more within twelve months.

His father said, ‘Arya ate two packets of noodles and eggs, half a kilo of chicken and also rice, for four to six times a day’. ‘The saddest part was watching my son try and get up. He would be breathless walking just for five meters. We were very upset.’

But, now they are happy that their boy will lead a healthy and normal life, although he lost the title. Celebrity Arya now doesn’t eat carbs or sugar, but milk and four tablespoons of rice. He is doing just fine.

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