Ben Strokes Could Delete His Twitter As He Cannot Stand Against Indian Twitter Trolls

Ben Strokes Could Delete His Twitter

Virat Kohli is the Captain of Indian Cricket Team. He has proved his versatile nature, captaincy skills and his outspoken behaviour is well known to the audience. Thus, he could easily be heard in the crowd. Virat Kohli is the one who wears his heart on sleeves and is never afraid to speak his mind. Through the lip movement, we could recognise his favourite phrases a bit but England Cricketer, Ben Strokes is the code. And Ben Strokes could delete his Twitter because of this.

Ben Strokes Could Delete His Twitter:-

There are certain events even on the field that brings him in, fury, as a result, a cuss word spills out. The general consensus on Twitter claims that he is saying the name of Ben Strokes. ( Oh God!)

As the Indian Twitter brings this forth, Ben Stokes finds it difficult to stand against Indian Twitter. He has given a thought to delete his twitter as he seems tired of this new news in town.

Twitter takes the charge and its funny.

Can you make that out?

The Indian netizens may have taken this too far and Ben Strokes finally responds.

Ben that’s not funny. I don’t know what made you think that way. Although the netizens find ‘Ben Strokes could delete his Twitter’ thing funny.

Kohli Supports Steve Smith:-

Virat Kohli is not just known for his rage and cuss words. We have also seen him appreciating Steve Smith when the Indian fans called him “cheater“. Kohli also said-

Just because there are many Indian fans here, I didn’t want them to set a bad example, to be honest because he didn’t do anything to be booed in my opinion.

Kohli also adds “He is just playing cricket. He was just standing there and I felt bad because if I was in his position where something has happened to me, and I had apologised, I accepted it, and I came back and still be booed, I wouldn’t like that either.

Certain cuss words make him a bad guy but all he has a good heart.

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