SRK dubbing The Lion King with his own Simba Aryan Khan

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The Lion King : The Lion King is an American animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Jon Favreau. The story revolves around the king of the jungle ; Mufasa and his mischievous brother Scar . Scar betrays Mufasa and his son and plans to take over the pride lands. He tricks Simba into thinking that he cause his father’s death and force him to run away . After exiling , Simba meet Timon and Pumba . Aftr some years Simba returns and fights Scar for what is rightfully his.

The Lion King 2019 is going to release on 19 July 2019 . The Indian audience have another special reason to watch the Hindi dub version of The Lion King . Mufasa and Simba will be voiced by none other than Shah Rukh Khan and his 21 year old son Aryan.

SRK announced his association with this project on Monday by sharing the following picture on social media :

Furthermore , SRK’s Father’s Day picture have already given us some hint about his part in the voicing of The Lion King. In the picture shared by him ee can clearly see SRK and Aryan wearing t-shirts with Mufasa and Simba printed on them . Take a look below :

In an interview Shah Rukh Khan told us that the original Lion King 1994 is his family favorite. Furthermore , he said that he can totally relate with the character of Mufasa voiced by James Earl Jones. “The character Mufasa, who dies early into the events of the film, is a wise king and father, teaching his young son Simba about life in the African wild and about kingship,” he said.

“The Lion King is that one movie that my entire family loves the most and it holds a very special place in our hearts. As a father, I can totally relate with Mufasa and the endearing relationship he shares with his son – Simba. The legacy of Lion King is timeless; and being a part of this iconic re-imagining with my son Aryan makes it extra special for me. We are most excited that AbRam is going to watch this,” he further added to his statement.

This father son duo has previously also worked together in 2004’s animated film The Incredibles , in which SRK voiced Mr Incredible and his son Aryan dubbed for Dash.

So, are you excited for it’s release? But, wait until we release the trailer in Hindi. But, for now watch the trailer in English

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