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Bhakt Logic – Explained by some of our Readers – PART 1


Bhakt Logic Explained:

When educated people are so ignorant of the real facts of the bill and have fallen pray to false agenda without understanding its real purpose, I can understand the state of a common man, who is illiterate and hence is easily provoked in the name of religion. Nation has seen the way protests are carried out, the way in which police system is lynched and has made us aware of real nature, behavior and intention of the protesters. We stand strong with government. I strongly support both CAB and proposed NRC.



I have a fundamental doubt here. With all the CAA-NRC posts doing rounds on social media, I would genuinely like to know how did people arrive at a conclusion that Muslims who would be unable to provide documents to prove their citizenship will be sent to detention camps or rendered stateless?

Isn’t the CAA addressing primarily the recent immigrants? It has decreased the wait time to 5 years for the illegal immigrants of mentioned religions for granting citizenship. But nowhere has the government denied citizenship for Muslims except that they will have a wait time of 12 years as opposed to 5 for the others.

So Muslims who are already citizens of this country even if unable to produce documents, wouldn’t they be granted citizenship as they have already completed the required tenure of 11 years??

I understand that CAA put in action to help and rescue people of the mentioned religions who undergo distress in predominantly Muslim countries (3 countries mentioned in CAA). Now why has this turned in the opposite direction that this is targeting Muslims in India? Am I missing something very trivial?

Also, this was supposedly the intention of many Indian leaders since the time of independence including pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. But now since done by the BJP, it termed anti-secularism and unconstitutional.


Bhakt Logic

Jamia Millia Islamia has a overall 50% of Muslim quota.

It has 30% general Muslim quota, 10% Muslim OBC quota and 10% Muslim women quota.

How come a university that gives admission on the basis of religion can accuse a government over discriminating on religious grounds???


I was going through the BJP’s manifesto for 2019 elections and guess what.. they are doing exactly what was in their manifesto. They got the mandate to implement their agenda and they should do it.

Many celebs have come out to condemn CAB/NRC, but I remember few of them even supported BJP during elections. Some of them may have even campaigned for BJP. I know people who voted for BJP but condemn CAB now. They got 37% of the total votes against 19% to UPA

People don’t even bother to vote in our capital city and metros but come out first to burn buses and damage public property.

Are we so dumb that we don’t know why we are voting for a political party. Should the discussion on CAB/NRC not have happened during elections.


Bhakt Logic

In a country as big as India, everything is an execution nightmare. Agreed, BJP could do better, agreed there exists execution oversights, but and a big but, this is a gutsy government. They know they are not gonna be in power too long and are doing obvious things whicj should have been done over the time. See article 370 removal, Ram Mandir decision. Opposition is doing well creating misconceptions about everything the govt. does to create a mass hysteria. But the question to ponder is what is the alternative? Congress? They have championed maintaining status quo on everything. Status quo would get us nowhere. GST has it’s flaws, but the govt. accept those and rectified. Corruption has gone down, speaking from personal experience of many many business guys.


Meanwhile the UP Police has recovered 405 shells from countrymade pistols. Some idiots run behind every opportunity to abuse modi, in the meantime anti social elements are shooting at the police


Muslims have some 40+ nations to live and follow their religion but the other minorities persecuted in these 3 nations doesn’t have any place to live peacefully. This is the reason government is allowing only minorities and not Muslims to become the citizens. Also which tax payers money are you telling. When these fanantics were protesting and damaging the public property nobody took this angle of tax payers money. Now when some odd 30000 people given citizenship we have problem. The people who are given citizenship are the ones who entered India before 31st December 2014. So they are living here already so by giving them citizenship how it would be a burden?


Bhakt Logic

Let me give you some real information before you go and make a bigger fool out of yourself.

  1. PAN Card does not prove that you are a citizen of a India as it is also assigned to foreign nationals who enter India with a valid visa(for example: investors)
  2. Aadhaar does not prove that you are a citizen of India, well because Mumbai and Calcutta high court said so. You cannot hold the government accountable for this if the order came from a high court.
  3. Voter ID card does prove your citizenship and that should be valid and hope to see that as one of the documents which you should posses while proving your citizenship.
  4. Passport definitely proves ones citizenship and I am not sure who on earth told you otherwise. Do slap that person who misguided you with this stupidity.

Moreover, please don’t consider me as some bhakt or RSS goon just proving the BJP correct, as I am not one, all I am trying to solve is the clusterf**k of misinformation that people like us who are expected to be smart enough to figure out the difference eventually fall for and pave way for disastrous consequences.

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