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Sicular Logic – Explained by some of our Readers – PART 2

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Sicular !

Demonetization: Today, 87% of your money is deemed potentially black. The onus is now on you, 1.3 billion people, to prove it legal. The cost and notional loss, amounting to lakhs of crores of rupees, will be borne by you. You didn’t tell us to do this. We can’t prove to you that benefits will exceed cost.

CAA + NRC: All Indians are potentially deemed illegal immigrants. The onus is now on you, 1.3 billion people, to prove your citizenship, and we will determine the criteria and process. The cost and notional loss, amounting to lakhs of crores of rupees, will be borne by you. You didn’t tell us to do this. We can’t prove to you that benefits will exceed cost.


Two wrongs do not make a right. That’s established.

That being said, if you are going all guns blazing on one atrocity, but are deafeningly silent on another just because it doesn’t suit your political stance, you’re absolutely full of bullshit. Overflowing with it.

You have an agenda and you’re willing to twist facts, and select truths that suit it. Do not, do not, do not pretend to be champions of democracy. It is laughably, painfully obvious that you aren’t.

Another thing that’s obvious here that there’s a lot of people who aren’t even willing to engage the other side go on about pompously dismissing and demeaning others, at times with personal insults, at others with pure condescension. To them, I need to say on behalf of everyone wanting to engage in meaningful and healthy discussions – the sun does not rise from or set back into your rear end. The only thing shoved there is your own head. Please pull it out, or if too difficult, consult a surgeon.


Sicular Logic

The NRC process of Assam had a cost of 1600 crores. It accounts for 2.4% of the total population of India. Going by the same rate, the cost of implementing NRC all over the country will be around 55,000 crores. On top of that, they are building detention camps (yes they are) which can hold 3,000 people and each of them costs around 46 crores. Hence, just for the 19 lakh people in Assam, the total cost would be around 27,000 crores. Again, 2.4% of the population. Hence, the cost of detention camps all around the country is around 3 lakh crores. On top of that, records will be updated every year. Around 36000 crores will be spent to feed the people living in detention camps, who, according to the government’s logic will be thriving on the State’s money.

Also, adding the total, around 5 lakh crores will be the total cost of the whole NRC exercise. That is somewhat 5 times our education budget.

Keeping in mind the industrial growth is negative, unemployment on a 45 year high. Rupee value slumping each day, the expected average GDP growth rate of 4% for 2019

Par Modi ji ne kiya hai toh soch ke hi kiya hoga..


Sicular Logic
  1. PM Modi does mention that the NRC hasn’t been discussed anywhere in the parliament accept for in Assam as per SC’s orders. I also see that the HM in the parliament hasn’t resorted to any discussions on pan India NRC either except the fact that such exercise will happen.

Mentioning NRC once without any details and discussing NRC are two different things and if you want to take up to the PM just because of how you perceive his speech, you are free to do so, but don’t go about speculate things which you don’t have full knowledge about or rather what has not been made officially public.

  1. In his speech he specifically mentions that opposition is spreading rumours on detaining Muslims in detention centres which he was calling false and also misleading. But, he never mentioned that there will not be any detention centres which I clearly see a masala added by the media and is spreading like wild fire. Again here if you want to speculate you can go ahead, nobody will stop you.

All I can understand is the matter of NRC and CAA is a delicate one and the people in power are choosing their words very carefully because otherwise people like you and me will pounce on them like we are doing right now.


Afghanistan was not separated during partition. Why Afghanistan is allowed by that logic? Also, hindus who decided to stay back also chose them their countries. I am not saying they shouldn’t be welcomed but definitely not on the basis of religion.

In conclusion, what do you think about these sicular people?

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