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Sicular Logic – Explained by some of our Readers – PART 1


Sicular Logic Explained.

We have listed the top comments by some of these sicular people.

Any religion is free to express itself and prosper in a secular environment ., Jamia Millia Islamia like institutions comes under that blanket ., like convent school ., secular country doesn’t stop any one to preach/propagate their religion , secular country just doesn’t discriminate based on religion when it comes to law and policies.,Even United states and Canada (kind of beacon for democracies) have these methodist, hindu, islamic institutes., which spread the word of their god using education as a medium ., (though all god shit is bullshit , but i cant speak for all) ., so, college framework is not a hypocrisy .,. if thats the case, all colleges in india are partisan

Sicular Logic

Do you really expect any bhakt to understand logic and talk about the issues which are actually hurting the country! According to them, the hindutva items on the BJP agenda are enuf to feed them and their families. They feel immune to the effects of downtrodden economy. Let them live in their hindutva-filled fairy land. One day, the reality will strike them.


Britishers also have had their own police and army that opened fire at Indians fighting for freedom. Had Shanknaad and Bhakt lived then. They would have certainly sided with British and Police. Oh yes, look at Savarkar and other Sanghis they did the same. Who is the Sanghi killed by police. I can name many Indians other than louts who laid their lives for the freedom but not a single Sanghi.

Leaving the moral and political aspect aside. Let’s discuss the execution aspect of NRC.

The two big things that the NDA government has implemented in the past 5.5 years are:

Demonitization : Led to slow down of business for a lot of small to medium business enterprises. Everyone is familiar with thousands of people standing in lines, people dying with exhaustion. Bank employees overworked. Most economists agreed that demonitization (I don’t want to go to the details). Even my father who is a Modi supporter did admit that his business was affected by demonitization and same for my friends who are doing business in small towns. The results of demonitization were overwhelmingly negative. There was a small time when stone pelting in Kashmir had stopped, but it resumed. Cash transactions are back to pre-demonitization level. This was an exercise that made everyone feel good in the beginning but in the end it lead to very big headaches.

Sicular Logic

GST : I would like to quote the world bank report on this one – “The GST system in India tries to minimize the complexity by applying a common base and rate across the country. However, the multiple rate structure and an enforcement framework using onerous reporting requirements for businesses places a huge compliance burden on businesses especially SMEs and is having a negative impact on the economy.” then they go on to suggest some changes. The second big execution of a very good idea on paper lead to so many hassles for SMEs. It was also implemented to be a swift enforcement exercise, ignoring ground realities. Again, I’m just looking at how implementation could have been better, GST is a wonderful idea.

So, coming to NRC. It would have a mixed impact of what previous execution failures had. First, people will have to stand in line for days, even people who are 80+ years old. Also, getting a passport made for one person in this country requires so many documents. For NRC, it would have more stringent requirements (because aadhar / PAN do not work). So procuring those documents from already overwhelmed govt. centres would lead to loss of a huge amount of productivity. Also, the cost of people who will have to travel to their hometowns and stay there till everything is sorted. That is some bureaucracy hell right there.


Sicular Logic

Here’s a list of lies Modi said in his speech and how far they are from the truth. Would like to see some Bhakt defend them.

  1. Modi: “I want to tell the 130 crore citizens of India that since my government has come to power, since 2014, there has been no discussion on NRC anywhere…,”

Truth: ‘Countrywide NRC inevitable: Rajnath Singh’ – This is only the latest mention.

  1. Modi: “Urban Naxals are spreading baseless fear and are lying about detention centres.”

Truth: Detention centres prepared in Assam

  1. Modi: “33,000 police personnel sacrificed their lives for peace and security in the country since Independence. Today, you are brutally thrashing them.”

Truth: Police brutality on JNU students. The death toll has risen to over 20, and most of them have happened in Uttar Pradesh. Most news outlets are not reporting on this under the directions of the gov’t.

  1. Modi: “Some states said that they will block the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). It is unconstitutional.”

Truth: The act itself is unconstitutional

This is a State built on a bunch of lies, the power of post-truths, and the work of paid IT cell employees. People are beginning to recognise this, hence the official Twitter handle of the ruling party feels the need to delete past tweets, like an insecure teenager.

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