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Bhakt Logic – Explained by some of our Readers – PART 2 5/5 (1)

bhakt logic

Bhakt logic !

Thanks for selective vision. That’s what I wanted to prove. Illegal immigration dispalces local populace. It is a security threat. It can swing votes in elections.

Hence the illegals have to go back to where they came from.


This whole drama by Congress is probably the biggest and the last opportunity for it to survive. Considering that, it could have done better than 3 Lakh pappus in a state where they rule. Disappointing. Chamchas need to gear up. It is now or never.


Members of CPI, CPI(M), AAP, RJD, SP, Congress, JD(S) led by CM Ashok Gehlot himself. Basically all the opposition parties together = just 3 Lakh people in town. Has to be 2nd worst performance in the history of rallies. Worst was Priyanka Vadra a few days back at India gate.


Bhakt Logic

Did you ever work out the losses suffered over three decades of terrorism and violence in Kashmir?

You work out the loss of lives and other related costs? Did you ever work out how many days schools were closed, markets shut, curfew imposed, agriculture produce wasted ?

Wait and watch the positive effect on the economic recovery in Valley soon


The Govt of India chose to use social media platforms in the last couple of days to educate people on misconceptions around the bill.

You don’t seek credibility from them is your problem but there is no issue in questioning posts which have a bigger reach that what is spoken about in the parliament.


For people like him demographic changes leading to breaking of lodess Durga idols in Bengal on Durga Puja visarjan isn’t worrying. Islamic terrorism is fine, just a bill is an issue. Shame on you


Of course pellet guns are needed like in kashmir when stone pelting on police is done like in Kashmir


Bhakt Logic

The partition in 1947, done on RELIGIOUS GROUNDS, led to almost 600,000 deaths, millions more dislocated properties lost, countless atrocities committed. Several people on both sides bear the burden to this day. Not one person staying in India – of ANY religious background – wanted it. It was like a kiss of death to our independence.

The listed communities in the CAA have been subject to inhuman atrocities somehow managed to cross the border and take refuge here. Now that we’re offering them citizenship, a communal spin has been put on this, used to spread misinformation, create an completely false narrative.

As to why we’re not accepting the Muslim infiltrators from Pakistan, and B’desh, it is extremely clear – one 3rd of India’s land – and rather, its most fertile, productive land, was given to them. That they now face persecution in the country they got for themselves, is THEIR PROBLEM. not ours. We’re not obligated to help them, nor should we.

What these protesters – the great Indian political and ideological left – the same people shouting NAZI, FASCIST, at the top of their voices, are really asking for, is that we throw all of these people under the bus. We say, sorry, but in this ‘secular’ country, our egos are more important than your lives.

They may be using the holiest of language, but their protest has an ugly cost that none of them will ever bear. It is ridiculous that they’re getting away with this without being questioned or called on their bullshit. The wolves do come in sheep’s clothing


Bhakt Logic

These people did not get a say in the partition. They got no vote. And their lives were uprooted. They are very much a part of India. And they are already here, we aren’t accepting any more. It was a Historic sin that is being righted.

Secondly, one of those problems in several states is that of insurgents taking up resources, even having voting rights, being used by some politicians to compromise the nation’s interests for their personal gains.

Thirdly, I thought the protest was because these people wanted to include everyone. That will certainly lead to burdening of the nation’s resources and increasing problems. Or are the principles of the protest flexible?


Non muslims in pakistan did not chose to create pakistan. They remained there by accident. In fact, there are instances in which people did not allow dalit Hindus to go to India because of their concern of who will clean toilets if Hindu dalits go back? Such was the casteism.

Due to this, it becomes moral responsibility to take them in.

And their numbers are so small that they would have negligible effect on our resources.


Bhakt Logic

Many of the protests(particularly violent ones) are not about how the implementation of caa and nrc will be done. These protests don’t share the ideals of secularism that liberals espouse. There are radical terrorist groups like simi involved.



it is a reality that there has been tremendous public property damage, riots and violent attacks on police. If the police respond now these people are crying foul. Secondly, what About the economy? 2 years ago people were saying that GDP isn’t a true indicator of growth. Now that the GDP numbers are down all I see is people shouting GDP at every chance they get. Do you have a solution to fix the economy? You think that the government of India can focus on only one bill at a time? Do you think the home ministry should stop functioning? R&drona karna hai bas. Zero solutions offered.


there was no pak before partition. We took secular grounds for our own citizens not pak citizens. If they are coming here as infiltrators, they ought to be sent back.

Another point in the act is that we are only offering citizenship to people who came in before 2014. Irrespective of their communities, infiltrators who entered after 2014 will be asked to leave. Hence we have included afganistan because it is unthinkable to deport those people

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