Brad Pitt mocked about ‘Titanic’ in the Golden Globes

Brad pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio at Golden Globes 2019

At the Golden Globes Sunday night Brad Pitt cracked a joke about ‘Titanic’.

“Once upon a time in Hollywood” actor Brad Pitt, got the award for the best actor in a supporting role in any motion picture at the 77th annual Golden Globes Awards, portraying “Cliff booth” in the movie.

In his acceptance speech, Pitt thanked Leonardo Di Caprio and said that Leo is an all-star and a gentleman and that he couldn’t have been here without him. In the speech, Pitt also mocked the infamous ‘Titanic’ ending scene, saying: “I thank you. Still, I would’ve shared the raft.”

For those searching explanation; Pitt’s quip was referencing the 1997’s blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’ climax scene. The remark was about the conclusive scene in which Leo, who played jack in the movie, gave up his life for Rose(Kate Winslet) by not climbing the “wide enough” door Rose was floating on. Instead stayed in the freezing water till his demise.

The controversial scene attracted many negative comments like: “Rose was selfish”, “Raft was big enough” and so on. So, to validate whether the raft would’ve saved both or not, Myth Busters from the Science Channel decided to reenact it. Check out the video.

Well, it seems like in the end, Brad Pitt was correct with his remark. Overall, what did you think about the strange things that happened at the Oscars this year? Do you think some stars went overboard with their remarks? We are sure Brad Pitt wasn’t one of them. But how about Ricky Gervais?


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