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Marriage : Respect the Bond Of Choice – Love is not a sin 5/5 (3)


Marriage, A union of two people who decide to live together bound i this bond forever. A huge step in their lives. And a huge milestone to get ahead. Without experiencing this journey even once two people decide to get tied in a bond named marriage.

It might be just a normal event for others. But for the person getting married, it’s the biggest turn in his life which will lead him to an anonymous destination. And the journey is not completely in one’s hand.

When with this much of pressure and suspense 2 people decide to be together bound in this bond. Don’t they should have an option of choice. To live a life with someone they are comfortable with, with someone to want to be with forever and can imagine a future with. Yeah, it’s true many marriages made with choice doesn’t work. But this doesn’t mean that we will start forcing decisions on people, telling them what to do, what’s good for them and what’s meant to be.

Two adults are big enough to make their own choices, take their own decisions. Going against love marriages, inter- cast marriages, Live in relationships are some really old mentality of people that even now possess in many countries consequently India is one of them.

Parents feel proud when their kids follow these norms, But think again is this something to feel proud of. Forcing or pressurizing someone into a bond of no choice can turn into a burden.

Marriage : A murky choice :

When we can vote in an election for the member of our choice then why don’t many of our young adults have a choice to choose their life partners. Do we really live in a country which has it’s laws active only on professional grounds and not in our real lives and above all do we really want a country with rules and laws only on the papers for our future generations. I think it’a a pretty heavy question. So, think about it.

Is it a good choice?

Arrange marriages are turned out to be the major cause of domestic violence, dowry, extra marital affairs and ill-treat. Rather than pushing yourself or your children into this trap it’s better to give sometime and let things be.

At least in 2019 when we call our country progressive. I think we should also progress leaving our orthodox beliefs behind. Love is not a sin and it’s better to let people be with those who the love or want to marry by choice. Choice is important and should be respected.


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