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Whale vomit may put you behind the bars – VOMIT?

whale vomit

Whale vomit :

A 53 year old man arrested in Ghatkopar, Mumbai with 1.3 kg of whale vomit in his possession . The bizarre thing about this news is that the whale vomit is worth more than 10 million INR in the illegal market. The Mumbai man caught trying to sell whale’s vomit for 170 million INR.

What makes ambergris or whale’s vomit worth millions is its uniqueness . It a secretion produced in sperm whale’s intestines . Ambergris is gray solid wax and is inflammable in nature. As it ages, it’s value increase and it acquires a pleasant smell, causing it’s popularity among perfume makers.

But, sometimes you may see it floating on sea which named it, Floating gold . Moreover, ambergris mostly known for its musky smell and its use in making perfumes. All major luxury brands around the world, be it Chanel or Givenchy are known to use ambergris in their perfumes .

“We seized 1.3 kg of ambergris, worth Rs 1.7 crore, from him. It is a prohibited item. We have registered a case under the relevant sections of the Wildlife Protection Act and have arrested Dupare,” a police official said.
Although ambergris can be found floating in the sea, the possibility of that happening is quite rare. Therefore, a team has been dispatched to Gujarat for further investigation since the possibility of Rahul Dupare being involved in an illegal racket cannot be ruled out, “the Mumbai police added.

The sperm whale declared an endangered species in 1970 . The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 states that any part of an endangered species offered to sale is illegal.

In conclusion, would you go after the vomit? Also, is it Yuck? But, let us know.

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