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In the world of competition where you need to stand out for to keep up with your existence one has to have confidence so, here are few steps that will help you build confidence.

Step 1: You have to understand that there are 2 types of people around you:

  • Those who do not judge others immediately
  • Those who judge others based on their external appearance

Maximum human population lies in the second category beside the fact that one should  never judge a book by it’s cover people are constantly in a habit of judging people by their looks so you have to take care of you dressing smart, looking neat and not smelling bad and so do apply a bit of perfume.

Once you have done all of these things you are done with your external appearance. Now let’s move on towards the internal appearance. Most importantly how confident you look from outside is totally dependent on how you feel about yourself from inside.

Step 2: Positivity and happiness for Confidence

Human beings are naturally drawn to happiness so every single room you go to, every single conversation you enter, most importantly enter with full of positivity and happiness. The moment you do this it will bring the person in front of you in his comfort zone which will ease up your conversation and you will automatically more confident.

Step 3: Body language for Confidence

Body language is another aspect that most of the people don’t focus on. Even if you are an internally confident person it seems different. Therefore sometimes a wrong body language can give out wrong signals.

 Follow these important 4 rules

  • No slouching

Keep your back erect/straight and convey confidence.

  • No close body language

Don’t fidget with your fingers likewise never fold your arms while talking to someone it seems like you are least interested in the conversation.

  • Eye contact

While you are in conversation look into the eyes of the person you are talking to, don’t look down, don’t look around.

  • Face people

When you are talking to a person face them rather then looking away from them. While taking to someone all kinds of unfavorable activities will convey the message that you are least interested in the conversation as a result that person will back off. Never make a person back off always be welcoming with a positive body language.

Step 4: Subtract comparison and add curiosity

The biggest reason why people feel under confident is because they the are constantly in a state of comparison and therefore always think that what does hi think about me, he is so smart, she is so hot, etc. and i am really nothing. In every single conversation or in life as general you have to perceive yourself as a king or a queen. Think above all you are confident, you are perfect and you are no less than any one you talk to, always keep the self perception active in your head.

Similarly you got to add curiosity in your conversation. Just because you are a king or a queen doesn’t mean the other person is any less than you. So, subtract comparison but add curiosity. While having a conversation be curious about what they say, show interest and even share your opinion when and where it is needed.

Step 5: Practice

Just like any other life skill confidence is something that you can build up as time passes. Therefore practice the above 4 points on a regular basis. Talk to the strangers, initiate the conversation what worse can happen they might not talk to you much, doesn’t matter just take a step back and walk away.

Hence, wherever you are going carry positivity, carry laughter and smile this will automatically make you confident.
Apoorva Shrivastava


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