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Sicular Logic – Explained by some of our Readers – PART 3

sicular logic

Sicular Logic

50,000 crores every 5 years to identify potentially 1-2 lakh of Muslim immigrants?

40 lakhs immigrants currently by Census 2011 (fell from 51 in 2001 and further from 1991)

Even if we assume it’s been constant and even if we assume all of them are illegal (far fetched cause we do have legal non Indian immigrants)

40 lakh among which we have to remove CAA benefits and if Assam is any indication that’s 70% so 12 lakh remain.

That’s 0.01% of our population in total who are going to be impacted by NRC now. If we do it 5 years later it’ll be a looooot lesser. Maybe 1-2 lakh? 50,000 crores spent to do this? Worth it?


For West Bengal, NRC-CAB would ensure BJP breaks the Muslim vote bank of TMC in the three Muslim majority districts(Malda, Uttar Dinajpur and Murshidabad) and also ensure an equal amount of increase in their own vote bank.

While there is no concrete evidence to suggest that there are infiltrators who came to India after 1987, but Census data and extremely high fertility rates among the Muslim populations suggest otherwise.

Sicular Logic

Yes, i agree that at philosophical level, India shouldn’t use religion in its citizenship policy. I also agree that practically India can’t ignore policies of islamic countries else we will face much larger consequences than what Europe faced, with terrorists seeping in as refugees (which can still happen, btw, as they can pose as non muslims very easily). I agree with both because I understand the different priorities underlying the two perspectives. It’s just that some priorities are more urgent to some citizens and other priorities are more urgent for others. Many have different priorities all together, like making ends meet and getting through the day. They don’t care about either set of philosophies and priorities.

But so many demonstrators disrupting economic operations is no better that their preached demonic government. They are making the country loose as much money and goodwill, perhaps more, than the current government. Flights cancelled or diverted, kids trapped in traffic jams, ambulance and emergency services disrupted, police pouring all their energy into clearing jams. Causing all this disruption is not a peaceful way of protesting. This is self righteous in a way that some citizens feel their philosophy is important enough for them to supercede other citizens’ fundamental freedoms and cause them pain as well.

What’s the alternative you ask? Well, it’s way more painstaking than the go to “I don’t like it so i am gonna cry about it.” Alternative is rooted in Gandhian way of involving masses in a constructive activity to correct the wrongs of the government *so thay one can use evidence of their philosophy against the government policy*!

Sicular Logic

Through this way, if there are some blind spots that we might be missing but that government might be aware of, we will find them out. If we are right, then we can empirically prove to the government that they were wrong in which case they will automatically take corrective measures for next elections. In absence of any such moving proof in the past many protests, government continues with its ways without even paying attention to the protestors. And it’s very easy to turn angry protestors violent, and hence “Unconstitutional”!


What about Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Bjp and Bhakts want Pandits wander like this. Pandits are your poster for all the atrocities committed by current regime and Right Wing Forces


Let’s say there a Hindu family that illegally migrated to India before 2014. Most likely, that family is from one of the 3 countries – Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh. These people might have probably migrated for business or reasons other than persecution, especially just after the formation of Bangladesh, as Bangladesh was born a very poor country. The might not find a place in NRC and then claim that they fled religious persecution. How can you prove otherwise? They will get a path to citizenship via CAA.

Sicular Logic

Let’s take the case of a Muslim family that, post Partition, migrated to India. Their grandparents and parents were Indian citizens and so these people become Indian citizens too. However, they did not maintain proper documentation due to the dearth of resources; lack of need, poverty, loss of property in natural calamities, red tape, and many other valid reasons. Even my father does not have a birth certificate for that matter. Now, this Muslim family will be treated quite differently. They won’t get a place in NRC and because CAA does not protect them, they will go to detention centers. And then deported to God knows where – probably Pakistan because according to BJP’s two-nation theory all Muslims belong there anyway.

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