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CCD Founder and Coffee King, VG Siddhartha Commits Suicide

CCD VG Siddhartha

CCD VG Siddhartha Bids A Final Goodbye:-

Where coffee runs in our veins. Coffee King and CCD founder, VG Siddhartha commits suicide and this unfortunate demise is painful. His death was confirmed when he was recused from Nethravathi river near Mangaluru. Though this man was the reason why we Indians were able to emerge ourselves in the true coffee aroma. This successful entrepreneur bought the chains of Cafes for the past 23 years ago. The nation mourns as he bids goodbye to the world.

While many found social media as a medium to express their feelings. Some are as follows:

“I am Solely Responsible For My Mistakes”:-

A note was circulated, in which Siddhartha claimed himself to be accountable for downfall in business.

In response to this, a tweet has there.

Father Slipping Into A Comma:-

Eventually, he was the only child of Gangieh and Vasanthi Hedge who worked hard to achieve what he had. Being a farmer’s son insufficient resources were available for him. Not accepting his fate he left Bengaluru decades ago, with a pledge to never return to his village. However, he had to return to meet his ailing father admitted to a hospital in Mysore. Although the unexpected demise of such a successful entrepreneur went every corner yet his father remains unaware. Therefore, reports say his father is suffering from age-related illness and is slipping into a coma.

Siddhartha’s long-time associate, Raghavendra said,

“He had imbibed good qualities from his father as a child. Gangaiah Hedge taught all virtues to his son. Siddhartha always made his father proud. It is a tragedy that he cannot participate in his son’s cremation. In a way, it is good that he is not in a position to understand anything. God has saved him from this trauma.”

Just imagine the kind of fate a father has, that he cannot even look at his son for the last time?

Coffee Baron, Siddhartha's body being placed in an ambulance.
source: Hindustan Times

To summarize this is a dark hour and for this time it didn’t happen over a coffee. #RIPSir

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