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Rajya Sabha Passes Bill That Would Make Triple Talaq a Criminal Offence.

Triple Talaq
source: Jagran Josh

Following the tradition of Triple Talaq in Muslims, many families suffered. Especially, women and children who were thrown on the streets. The tradition of Triple Talaq refers to when the husband says Talaq three times and marriage becomes null. However, amidst the heated debates, walkouts by JD(U) and AIADMK party members. The Rajya Sabha has finally announced this practice of verbal divorce as a criminal offence.  

Triple Talaq Is A Criminal Offence:-

As India is a democratic nation, with 99 votes in favour and 84 in against talaq bill was passed and further needs a final stamp from the President of the nation to become a law. Although this law makes a Muslim man unable to get a divorce by the oral talaq technique. Even if he attempts to do this he will be criminalized for 3 years. Hence, the abolition of Triple Talaq has bought joy in many households. Indeed it was a merry for all of us.

Minutes after Rajya Sabha declared about this and made official. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi tweeted to express his support and to congratulate.

Not Done For Vote Bank Politics:-

Here, this irrelevant and irrational tradition has confined to the dustbin. However, Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also said that this should not be viewed through a political prism or vote bank politics. This act aims to ensure humanity, self-worth, equality and gender dignity.  

Also, he later attacked Congress on the opposition of bill and said,

“I am a Modi minister and not Rajiv Gandhi’s leader, who’ll leave Muslim women on roads.” 


To summarize, some think it is a historic day that has saved many women. But a larger portion of the population thinks it is a political agenda to fix a good amount of voters. Well, change is revolutionary if used right. Criminalizing a civil matter: only time will tell.

Well, what do you think of this change? Tell us in the comment section below.

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