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Crime In Jamshedpur : Child kidnapped, gang raped and beheaded brutally 4.4/5 (5)

Crime child raped

Crime Child Raped: Mental illness is something can’t be seen by the world. A very contagious disease but difficult to be verified. In today’s evil dynasty where demons resides in your own home. The only safe place has also turned into a graveyard.  The humanity which is the soul of a human being is missing or has disappeared somewhere. Way far away. Today we have become a real devil with no respect to children, woman and society. The big word RAPE has become a regular crime that happens with anyone of any age and any gender. And behind any door rather every door.

Crime Like child Raped Is No Big Deal Now

A really heart throbbing and shameful incident happened recently in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.  A small girl has been kidnapped, gang raped and beheaded brutally. A full incident of inhumanity and brutality. In the security footage from Jharkhand’s Jamshedpur. A man walks out of a railway station with a little girl in his arms. The three-year-old was never seen alive again.

On Tuesday, Jamshedpur police a mutilated body of a child in a plastic bag. Hidden in the bushes around 4 km from the railway station. The head was missing and still not found. The police force tried their best but rain has complicated the search.

As per the police. The girl was gang-raped by the man who kidnapped her from her mother’s side. At the Tatanagar railway station on Thursday, and his friend.

After the girl went missing. Her distraught mother went to the police and reportedly told them she suspected the involvement of her partner Monu Mondal. The man she left her husband for and traveled with from Bengal.

Consequently Monu Mondal, who was with the family at the station, is the third man to be arrested in the case and is being investigated for child trafficking.

Certainly the footage from the CCTV camera has helped the police a-lot with the case. To track down the main suspect.

Criminals Are On Roads

Rinku Sahu and Kailash who got arrested 2 days later have no answers why’s the child head missing. They had led search teams to the spot where the child’s body was found. The two men are in their 30’s. Apparently told the police that they gang-raped the child for the whole day and strangled her because she wouldn’t stop crying.

Rinku Sahu, who is a criminal roaming around on bail for the crime he committed in 2015. Where he kidnapped a child and attempted to kill her. That’s why it’s said a criminal remains a criminal till it’s grave.

“I just picked her up and took her by mistake. I fell and I got scared,” Rinku Sahu told reporters.

Rinku Sahu’s mother is a constable and neighbors claim she helped him get away lightly with previous crimes. He is a father of 3 and has allegedly kidnapped and killed many children before. His accomplice Kailash’s father is a jawan posted in Jammu and Kashmir. Thus it’s not healthy to leave the criminals in a clean environment.

Certainly if this is the punishment of taking a kid’s life or killing many innocents. What is this constitution for. Above all Justice being a core element of it this is how an innocent gets his justice.

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